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This is where I will announce the most recent additions to my web site. If you've visited the site before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

5/21/04 -- The site has been updated a bit.  Directions to the office have been added as well.

1/26/03 -- The Kautz Law Offices are pleased to announce that our Directory of States site is finished.  Please check it out.

1/18/03 -- The Kautz Law Offices are pleased to announce our new satellite office in Haverhill. Meetings there are by appointment only.

11/1/02 -- Its been a while since I have had a chance to update the site, so it is almost entirely new at this point.  I am now a solo-practitioner operating my practice out of Woburn, Massachusetts.  Hopefully you will find the new site far more useful.

6/16/01 -- Well, I now have a new job and am updating the website to reflect this.   I am hoping that this new job will give me a bit more time to work on this site more than once every 6 months.  I have been doing some updates on the state sites to make them more useful.  I am hoping that at some point I will have at least that portion of the site finished.  I don't think that I will ever finish the whole site, it is like a medieval cathedral, it can never be finished.

1/25/01 -- Ok, so I seem to get the opportunity to update this site about every 6 months.  Here's hoping that I can update it a bit more over the next few weeks.   Major updates this time include removing the slogan above the page title.   While I liked the slogan ("Your success is my business"), I was never able to make it look like I wanted it to look.  I also added several new writing samples.

7/25/00 -- A couple of quick changes.  More to follow shortly.  Hopefully on Saturday afternoon, you will see a major update of the Legal Links section, the Resume section, and, if I am extremely lucky, there will be pictures of the tall ships from Boston on my personal pages.

1/26/00 --  I got a job!  You'll see some changes over the next couple of weeks.  Keep an eye and check in on occasion.

12/26/99 -- A few more minor updates, probably all that I will be doing for a while.   I am currently searching for work again and this is taking up a large amount of my time.  I don't foresee any major changes in the web site for the next few weeks.   Most of my updates are in the resume page (surprise surprise since I am looking for work), although there are some in other parts as well.

11/23/99  --  A few more minor updates.  Nothing earth shattering.   Hopefully over Christmas I'll have the opportunity to do some real work on the link pages and my personal page.

9/26/99  -- I've done a couple of minor updates.  Everything seems to be running perfect thanks to Jim at PaOnline.  Hopefully I will be able to make a few more updates over the next couple of weeks, specifically to the links section.

9/17/99  -- The FrontPage extensions now work, no thanks to Concentric.  I finally cancelled my Concentric account when I discovered that they do not completely support FrontPage extensions even though they said they did.  Sigh.  I went to PaOnline for my web service.  I had excellent service for more than 10 years from PaOnline.  They know how to treat their customers (particularly staff member Jim Dunne)!  Thank you Pennsylvania Online!

9/13/99  -- After about an hour with Concentic, I think I have finally got the FrontPage extensions fixed.  If they don't work this time, I will be changes web servers at the end of this month.

9/12/99  -- I have changed the theme and corrected some of the pages.

9/2/99    -- I have updated my resume yet again and my services page.   I am about to give up on the FrontPage extensions.  Sigh, I will keep trying and if I can't fix them by the end of the month, I will have to move my site to a server that will run them properly.

8/5/99    -- I'm still having problems with the FrontPage extensions.   I've made a couple of minor changes and updated my resume.

6/9/99     -- The FrontPage extensions are still not working.   Sigh.  Maybe this weekend or next I will have the time to make Concentric see that they do not work.

6/7/99     -- Almost every page on the site will see some changes as I do some major updates. Also, I think I may have finally fixed the problem with the FrontPage extensions.

1/26/99   -- I have now completely changed the theme of the site  I think this will be an improvement.  I also want to note that I will be starting a new job on Wednesday 1/27/99, more information to follow.

1/22/99   -- I have updated the site again.  I updated the legal links and added a few new ones.  I changed my logo from the dragon to the new KautzLaw logo.  I have left the "why the dragon" page up and running for those that might be interested.  Concentric and I are still "discussing" the FrontPage extensions.  Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

1/12/99   -- I have updated some pages, fixed some minor problems, and added a page "why the dragon" to explain my logo.   Though concentric assures me that all of the FrontPage extensions are in place and working, some of the features still do not work.  I have labeled them with the construction sign.  undercon.gif (293 bytes)  Sorry for the delays.

1/9/99     -- Well, I have this new version of the whole site up and running.  I created it using Microsoft FrontPage 98.  Since everything is new, you'll have to look around.

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